The Improved Fighter

Written by Covok.

Author Comment:

I have recieved alot of feedback from people that has greatly improve the class. I now consider it in alpha build and made a basic PDF for it (It's a skeleton, at the moment, nothing fancy). You can still comment on the class itself using the link below. As it is still just an alpha build, feedback is still greatly apperciated.



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  • Please provide a list of the changes that you made. On a quick skim I saw a new maneuver (Keep ‘Em Back) so I guess there are more in there? Otherwise, I don't see any changes. What exactly has been "greatly improved"?

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  • I guess I should add in a change log. Alot of the changes are little and few were big. So, for example, I added in more ranged maneuvers (big change) and altered the triggers to make maneuvers more reliable (little change). I also changed the wording on a few talents and manuevers to make them better at their task. Off the top of my head -- because it has been a while --, I know I altered Skilled Intercept to be more useful to make the Improved Fighter a better defender than the base fighter.

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  • Ah ok, I see. Judging from my group, the FIghter doesn't need a boost at all though.
    * You changed Cleave from 1/battle to 1/round. That one is probably OK as you won't kill that many enemies per battle.
    * Removed "when escalation die is even" from Counter-attack: Ok, that one had a weird trigger, as the enemy's attack also had to be odd. I'd have preferred 1/battle.
    * Your Skilled Intercept doesn't require ally or enemy to be nearby. I think there should be some wording in there that this doesn't work if you are, say, locked in a cage or across a chasm.
    * Taunt: This would work better as a talent than as a maneuver. You're not really making an attack after all. For a flexible melee attack, a name like "get in their faces", "lock in a corner" or "taunting feint" would be better.

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