Written by Angel.

A versatile class that can be built as a striker or a defender, depending on how you build it. Plays pretty  well with my steam scion race.

I would love to hear any feedback anyone might have after playing this class so I can tweak it if need be.

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  • Really like the class from what I seen. It seems like a well down attempt to make a "simple Fighter." You did a good job balancing the options against each other as well as against other classes' abilities. My one gripe, and it is a minor one, is that -- while it is suboptimal -- you can get a WEAPON die at a d12 which is a bit much. That said, you forgo a lot of good options to get that so I doubt people would go for it.

    Good job.

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  • So, after building a character in it, I noticed some other things you might wish to fix.
    *While I looked it up and found a daisho is when someone uses both a katana and wakizashi, it isn't well explained in the gear section. As such, I was confused what a daisho was and even thought it was just another name for katana at one point. This also makes one of the class features muddled as, without the explanation that using a daisho means your two-weapon fighting, it seemed odd to be able to use a more limited version of the Ranger's Double Melee attack class talent without a restriction requiring you to be two-weapon fighting. Without this explained, I can see people thinking they can use the class feature w/ a shield or just plain being confused what a daisho is at all.
    *I feel that this sentence (During a battle that same day, you can add that many d6 to a damage roll one time) would be better worded as: "Once per day, you can add that many d6 to a damage roll." I feel the former is more muddled in its intent.
    Overall, still think the class is really cool "simple fighter" with a nice "full anime" option with the School of Chaos talent.

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  • Thinking it over more, you should decouple the Daisho-ryo class feature's mechanics from its fluff more. By requiring the use of a dasiho, you punish players who use non-traditional weapons. I believe it would be better to allow the use of any weapons, but say that the second attack uses the Wakizashi's weapon die. It might seem odd, but it would get the same effect without punishing players who want to use, for example, a kanabo and a tanto for their ronin.

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  • first off, i'd like to say thanks for checking out my stuff, and for taking the time to reply with your thoughts.

    now, let me try to respond to your points:

    *the daisho are explained under the gear heading, and i didn't want to beat a dead horse by repeating it every time i mentioned the weapons, but i will go back and read through and see if there aren't any opportunities for me to make it a bit clearer.

    *the reason the daisho are required to use the daisho ryu feature is because, while being skilled warriors all around, a samurai trains with their daisho until the blades become a true extension of their bodies. they're a pair of weapons that are balanced to be utilized together specifically, not just something a character has decided to use that way. that's why the damage dice aren't reduced like they are with the ranger's double melee ability. by the same token, wanting to use that particular ability requires the ronin to adhere to the more traditional training of their life as a samurai. if they choose to use a less traditional weapon it is their prerogative, but they lose access to the daisho ryu by doing so. it's all about the balance and the trade off. do you want your character to be more dangerous on paper as a damage dealer, or is their story and individual personality more important to you as a player? personally, my ronin would wield a stylized dadao all the way, bonuses be damned. i'm all about the characters. if i do a few points less damage as a result, so be it.

    *finally, yeah, the wording change you proposed does work a bit better. i don't always catch a lot of that stuff, since i almost exclusively proofread and edit my own stuff. after a while i just get tired of rereading it, or i just skim and miss things as a result. that's why i appreciate when people like you take the time to give me feedback. it helps iron out the wrinkles.

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  • i have updated the pdf with the changes.

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  • Just saw the changes and:
    *Minor thing, you don't really need to change this, but, in the re-worded sentence for School of Chaos, you don't need "one time" at the end. Saying it's "Once per day" covers that.
    *The version you have works, but you could also consolidate it by turning this sentence (You Can use this ryuha once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Dexterity modifier as long as you're wielding your daisho) into this sentence (You can use this ryuha once per battle, plus an additional number of times per day equal to your Dexteirty modifier as long as your two-weapon fighting with your Daisho, a katana and a wakizashi). It would cut down on wordspace and not require the Note under the class feature as you can't use a shield when two-weapon fighting and it explains what the daisho is.

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  • Jumping off that last point, you can also change this sentence (At 1st level, ronin start with their daisho, two swords that are tradition for all trained as samurai) to this sentence (At 1st level, ronin start with their daisho, two swords that are tradition for all trained as samurai: a katana and a wakizashi). The only reason I think this needs to be made clear is because no other class in the game uses a separate name for a pair of weapons and, as such, this can lead to confusion.

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