The Thief

Written by Matthew Federico.

the-thiefThe Thief is not charming. He does not play fair. He does not follow the laws of war. He is not chivalrous. He is a Thief. He is a bastard. And he will do whatever it takes to win. He’ll blind you with dust and stab you in the gut. He’ll knock you over the head with a blackjack and then pound your face into the floor. He’ll use gadgets to get the upper hand. He will cheat.

Because he is no rogue. He is a Thief. Simple as that.

The full class can be found here at Chronicles of the 13th Age

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  • I really fancy being the thief. Oh the joy of picpocketing in the street.. breaking and entering, cutting coin purses.. all the stuff. I love it! ..and it's really refreshing!

    Best, Amelia Yin.

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