Wizard / Sorcerer Spell - Frost Armor

Written by Kenderama.

Frost Armor (1st level)

"This spell envelops the caster in constantly shifting and refreezing water. It is said that this spell was invented by the Archmage when he found his first hellhole. It was only meant to keep him cool, but the constant cooling and refreezing offered a measure of protection in addition."

Close-Quarters Spell
Standard Action to Cast

Target: Self
Effect: Gain +1 to your AC per level of spell this is cast as. (3rd level gains +3, 9th level gains +9 and so-on.)
Special: Each successful attack made against the target of this spell batters away at the armor, and removes one plus of protection until the spell is disrupted. Fire based attacks remove two plusses.

Adventurer Feat: Spell also covers PD - but attacks that degrade AC also degrade PD, and vice-versa.

Champion Feat: Spell also gives you Resist Fire value of 10 plus the current value of the armor. 

Epic Feat: Spell becomes a Recharge 16+

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