Written by Paul Fanning.

+2 Dex or Cha

Once per battle when you are targeted by a nearby enemy, make a close attack using your highest ability modifier plus level vs the MD of the attacker. On a hit the target is dazed until the start of their next turn.
Champion Feat: The target is instead dazed until the end of their next turn.
Champion Feat (fox form): Twice per day you can use the druid Shapeshifter’s Scout Form. You can improve Scout Form by taking feats up to your tier. Your Scout Form functions identically to the druid’s, except the form is always the same-- a fox -- and you temporary background is always the same and a +3 (+4 if you take the adventurer feat).

FOX MAGIC (Talent)
This talent grants a kitsune character some spellcasting ability. Like the bard’s Jack of Spells, this allows you to select spells from other classes and permanently add them to your list of powers.
Unlike that talent, Fox Magic only allows you to select from a limited list of spells, and from a few classes. Also different is that each spell gained after the first causes you to grow another tail.
You use Charisma as the ability score used for the attack  and damage bonus, and any other ability dependent effects. You can spend feats to improve these spells up to your tier.
You can spend one or two talents on Fox Magic. If you spend one talent you are an initiate. If you spend two talents you are a Fox Magic Adept.
Fox Magic is divine magic, and is aided by symbols and staffs.
Adventurer feat: Gain an additional Fox Magic spell.
Champion feat: Gain another Fox Magic spell.
Epic feat: Gain yet another Fox magic spell.

Character Level  Initiate Spells  Adept Spells  Spell Level
Level 1 Multiclass             1                       1                      1
              1                         1                       1                     1
              2                         1                       2                     1
              3                         1                       3                     3
              4                         2                       3                     3
              5                         2                       4                     5
              6                         2                       4                     5
              7                         2                       5                     7
              8                         3                       5                     7
              9                         3                       6                     9
             10                        3                       6                     9

1st Level: Befuddle, Charm person
3rd Level: Vicious Mockery
5th Level: Discombobulate
7th Level: The Overworld Two-Step
1st Level: Burning Hands, Scorching Ray
5th Level: The Queen’s Shadows, Unearthly Glamour
7th Level: Stolen Faces
1st Level: Blur, Disguise Self
3rd Level: Confusion, Sleep
5th Level: Dimension Door, Fireball, Invisibility
7th Level: Blink

The Wild Wood is home to most of these fox-like humanoids, though you will find a few in other woods and smaller settlements throughout the Empire. Some kitsune say the influence of the High Druid brought them some small prominence in this age, while other’s imply it was the Prince of Shadows.             


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