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Wolf in Sheep's ClothingThere are a number of monsters that just sort of linger in the collective conscious of the tabletop gamer. The monsters of early D&D (we're talking 1980, courtesy of Gygax himself) are part of that, whether considered lame or useless or 'redeemed' in a later system's publication. Yep, can't keep this one to myself.

Note: Not yet playtested, but written for level four players. Suggestions of level eight equivalent (which is where Paizo decided to place them) listed at the bottom.

The original creature of Gygax's creation could 'sprout' a growth that appeared in the shape of a rabbit or other tiny creature. The 2002 edition which was carried over into the latest Dungeons & Dragons instead laces tendrils through the corpse of a tiny animal and uses it as a puppet to lure in prey. I'm not sure which I like better, so I'm leaving it vague here. Choose your own style!


A small forest animal sits motionless atop a worn stump—and then the stump’s face peels open into a maw of sharp teeth.

Double-strength 4th level wrecker [abberation]
Initiative: +3
Darkvision, 360° vision

Tentacles +9 vs. AC (two attacks, engaged or nearby)—10 damage each

  Natural 16+: target is stuck and the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing gets to make a free attack against target PD, on a success, the target gets pulled closer (from nearby to engaged) and takes 2d4 damage from fighting the constricting tentacle.

Roots and Teeth +9 vs. AC—20 damage

AC 20
PD 14  HP 108
MD 18

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