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Aegis of the Golden Cross Kenderama 2038
Alchemical Stuff and Potions Marco 2171
Anesthetic Armor Angel 1472
Animal Companion's Dragon Helm Angel 2814
Ankheg shell armors Martin K 1530
Arm of Three Fates Kenderama 1979
Armor of Dylan's Cleansing Kenderama 1549
Armor of Stone Flesh Kenderama 1810
Bardic Blade Grunts Ghosts 1431
Birthday Hat of Blomdell Kenderama 1649
Bloodsoaked Bracers Kenderama 2519
Boots of Void Stepping Angel 1560
Chester's Gauntlet of Quick Escapes Covok 1549
Chill Wand Kenderama 1855
Cloak of Glarothen the Bright Melody Haren Anderson 1653
Cloak of the Dire Bear Angel 1376
Cloak of the Rolling Tempest Andy Raff 2068
Clockwork Cowl Kenderama 1838
Collar of Shared Fortitude Kenderama 1627
Consumable Items Jonathan Roberts 1251
Curved Bell of Luck Covok 1788
Dead Man's Glaive Melody Haren Anderson 1957
Dire Bonesword Angel 1378
Dire Claw Gauntlet Angel 1288
Dragon Claw Baselard Angel 1301
Dusty Ring Covok 1721
Elemental Weapons James Kenny 1394
Emperor's Peace Wade Rockett 1263
Erobos' Hand Wraps Angel 1382
Eyes of the Overworld Andy Raff 1788
Figurines of Wonder Kenderama 1573
Frugal Weapon James Kenny 1423
Girdle of Physical Bracing Angel 1202
Gloves of Iron Grip Angel 1256
Gloves of Ogreish Might Kenderama 1540
Goliath's Armor Angel 1235
Half-breed's Armor Angel 1298
Hater of Priests Kenderama 1640
House Adhorren Ring Angel 1221
Kilt of Supreme Confidence Angel 1333
Kitsune's Wand Angel 1399
Kunoichi's Sandals Angel 3934
Light's Avenger Kenderama 1709
Losgunn, the toad-tongue mace Angel 1443
Magic Wand of Polymorph cavalier973 1425
Maul of Spotlessness Kenderama 1897
Minoan Helmet Angel 1192
Necromancer's Sword of Embalming Angel 1388
Orb Weaver's Boots Angel 1294
Phelanar's Guide to Items of Legend Aaron R 1235
Phelanar's Guide to the Magick Shoppe Aaron R 1366
Priestly Mantle of the Covetous Cleric: Jason Tseng 1666
Quiver of _______ Angel 1331
Ragemaster's Cleaver Kenderama 1340
Ring of Detonation Kenderama 1254
Ring of Eldritch Tempo Andy Raff 1345
Ring of Red Ruin Andy Raff 1371
Ring of Sankarix shadowcentaur 1232
Ring of the Ram Kenderama 1495
Rings of Brotherhood Brian Faulkner 1567
Robust Loincloth of Barbaric Strength Covok 1343
Schadenfreude Weapon Vojtech Pribyl 1197
Serpent's Spine Angel 1150
Shield of Purity Kenderama 1601
Sinal's Slippery Sandals Kenderama 1241
Snapping Turtle Armor Kenderama 1368
Soulcatcher Kenderama 1296
Source Stones Angel 1124
Staff of Renewed Healing James Kenny 1150
Stormbringer Angel 1419
Stormglory, the Thunderstruck Rod shadowcentaur 1814
Stygian Driftwood Staff Angel 1197
Tear of the Imprisoned Boundless Melody Haren Anderson 1353
Thanatosian Gauntlets Angel 1080
The Black's Fang Melody Haren Anderson 3161
The Crippler Kenderama 1364
The Luggage Kenderama 1305
Timestealer Blade Martin K 1333
Trousers of the 1st Age Wade Rockett 1379
Twin Circlets of One Mind Angel 1038
Unholy Ring of Skeletal Mastery Angel 1328
Vengeful Ranger's Bow Angel 1142
Vicious Rigger's Belt Angel 1331
Wand of Wilfull Evil Angel 1547
Wingmarshal's Ring shadowcentaur 1288
Wraith's Burial Shroud Angel 1106
Wraps of Wrath Kenderama 1189