Some Combat Houserules

Written by MatriarchDacey.

 Also appears on House Velo'vasse.

Action Points

Players earn an action point any time then roll a natural 20 on an attack roll. Action points are not cumulative, and disappear at the end of combat. There is no limit to how many a player can earn or spend in a combat, but they cannot have more than 1 Action Point at a time.Action Points may be spent to do ONE of the following:
  • Standard Action
  • Move Action
  • Perform a Stunt (run it by the DM first)
  • Drink/Retrieve a Potion or any other quick action.
This houserule is currently being playtested. We may tweak it after we've used it a bit longer.

Gang Up

(This rule is inspired by a similar rule in the Conan d20 game by Mongoose Publishing).
Combatants get a +2 to attack and damage for every two allies engaged with an enemy that they are also engaged with. For example: Three members of the party are engaged with the bugbear. All three get +2 to attack and damage. Next round of combat, there are a total of  five members of the party engaged with the bugbear. All five get +4 to their attack and damage.
This rule could get out of hand if you have players or adversaries that can fly/hover, but it's designed to make combat bloody and mean.


There are lots of ways to handle grabbing or grappling someone, this is simply our method. We wanted simple, brawler level stuff.

Grab (Standard Action)

Attack: Str or Dex vs. PD
Damage: None from the initial grab. 
Special: To escape the grab, the victim must make a disengage check with a -2 penalty. We allow players to add a background if they can provide a good reason or story as to why it helps them escape.

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